Regionals are a Wrap!

Team ATX had a great showing at the Region 402 Championships this past weekend in Grapevine. All the YD girls handled hours in ISO like the pros they are. It was amazing to see the progress each and every climber has made this season. If you have pictures or videos you'd like to share, send them in. 

The following climbers received invites to Divisional Championships in Albuquerque, NM in June. Great job everyone! 


  • Female Junior: Maya Madere, 3rd place
  • Male Junior: Dawson Gosh, 7th place
  • Female Youth A: Ella Gardner, 4th place
  • Male Youth A: Aiden Henry, 2nd place
  • Female Youth B: Nadia Henry, 9th place
  • Male Youth B: Jack Wayne Cooksey, 8th place / Hank Lewis, 9th place 
  • Female Youth C: Claire Sherman, 4th place / Sage Kramer, 5th place / Gretchen Myrick, 7th place
  • Female Youth D: Uma Green, 3rd place / Adoss Littleton, 7th place 

If you competed in speed at Regionals, you automatically get an invite to Divisionals in the event. Here are the climbers who placed in the top 10 in each category.

  • Female Junior: Maya Madere, 3rd place
  • Female Youth A: Ella Gardner, 5th place
  • Male Youth A: Aiden Henry, 7th place
  • Female Youth B: Nadia Henry, 9th place / Kate Oliver, 10th place
  • Male Youth B: Jack Wayne Cooksey, 6th place / Hank Lewis, 7th place, Nicho Lucas, 10th place
  • Female Youth C: Claire Sherman, 4th place / Gretchen Myrick, 6th place / Sage Kramer, 7th place / Olive Embry, 9th place
  • Male Youth C: Nico Isunza, 2nd place, James Roberts, 4th place 
  • Female Youth D: Uma Green, 5th place / Adoss Littleton, 10th place


Harker Heights

Team ATX had a great day in Harker Heights. Here are the results. 

Male Junior

  • Oscar  - 2
  • Dawson - 3

Female A

Ella - 2

Male B

  • David - 3
  • Nicholas 7
  • Lincoln - 8

Female B

  • Kate - 2
  • Nadia - 4

Male C

  • Nico - 3
  • Alex - 5
  • James - 8

Female C

  • Gretchen - 3
  • Claire - 4
  • Olive - 11 

Male D

  • Oakley - 10
  • Miller - 16

Female C

  • Adoss - 1
  • Adeline - 6
  • Katara - 7
  • Natalie  - 11
  • Elizabeth 13 





Saturday In Houston

This past Saturday, we loaded up the FES Wagon and the Gardner Beast and headed to inSpire for a great day of climbing. All told, we had 17 kids go. The manager on duty at the gym looked a little overwhelmed when we all rolled through the door ready to go. The climbers got to work on some big problems as well as climb speed laps to get ready for Regionals in May. 

We hope to have another trip over to Houston in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for details. 

(sorry for the blurry pictures. i was using my phone, and it doesn't like chalk dust.)

2017 Division 4 Championships Are A Wrap

Thanks to Crux Climbing Center- Matt Twyman and Kevin Goradia, their staff, and all of the countless volunteers for putting on an awesome event! I want to give a huge shout out to the Team ATX Family as well, for providing the most volunteers over the course of the weekend,  out of all the teams represented, way to step up and represent the hometown!!!  Congrats to all of our team members that competed and a special shout out to our three climbers that earned invites to the Youth Bouldering Championships in Salt Lake City next month Uma Green- FYD, Stanis Zarsky- MYD, and Maya Madere FJR!  Good luck at Nationals!!!  Photo Credit to Keri Stephens

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Exciting things are happening on Team ATX now that we have entered the post-season portion of the bouldering season!

Regionals was an overall success for the FES squad. We had 28 kids travel to Norman, OK to compete in every age division except Female Junior. We are proud of everyone who made the trip and tried their hardest at Climb Up!

Of the 28 Team ATX competitors, 11 qualified for Divisionals, which are scheduled to take place at Crux Climbing Center here in Austin, TX on January 14th:

  • Oscar Bullock-Goyer, 10th M Junior
  • Liz Evans, 9th F Youth A
  • Aiden Henry, 7th M Youth A
  • Kate Oliver, 10th F Youth B
  • Jack Wayne Cooksey, 10th M Youth B
  • Sage Kramer, 3rd F Youth C
  • Gretchen Myrick, 6th F Youth C
  • Claire Sherman, 9th F Youth C
  • Uma Green, 4th F Youth D
  • Adoss Littleton, 8th F Youth D
  • Stanis Zarsky, 6th M Youth D

Once again, we are proud of everyone who attended and are looking forward to everyone continuing to progress as climbers and as people! See you at practice!

Nadia Henry chalking up on Female Youth B #6


Congratulations to Team ATX member Maya Madere on her excellent performance in the Climbing Youth World Championships!

Looks a lot like FES

An exemplary of the team motto FES, Maya traveled to Guangzhou, China this November to compete against the best female climbers in the world of the Youth A category. After passing the qualifying and semi-final rounds, Maya entered finals in 4th place. She would go on, in her words, to "truly [climb] to the fullest extent of [her] ability," which culminated in her bringing home the bronze medal for Team USA! We are so proud of Maya and hope she continues to influence and inspire everyone around her!

Competition Update

So far this season we have competed in four competitions; inSPIRE Rock Gym, Houston Texas, North Austin Rock Gym- Austin, TX, New Orleans Bouldering Lounge- New Orleans, LA, and the Yank on Yard (1st stop on the National Cup Series).  Next up we will be competing at Stone Moves- Houston Texas on October 29th, and finally at Austin Bouldering Project- Austin, TX on November 5th.  The Austin Bouldering Project competition will wrap up the USA Climbing regular/local season of the bouldering schedule.  After the regular season we will have our Regional Championships at Climb-Up in Norman Oklahoma on December 10th, Divisional Championships at Crux Climbing Center here in Austin on January 14th and 15th, and then finally Bouldering National Championships (Youth and Adult)

Bouldering Open Nationals: February 3 & 4, 2017 (Salt Lake City, UT) 

Bouldering Youth Nationals: February 10-12, 2017 (Salt Lake City, UT)

All of our climbers have done great so far! For results go to:


Want to Join Team ATX?

Has your kid expressed interest in climbing? Did they try it out this summer and love it? The fall season is getting under way, and Team ATX Climbing is welcoming new members. Find out about our awesome program at one of the upcoming information sessions.

Info Session Options:

Monday August 15th- North Austin Rock Gym 6-7pm
Wednesday August 17th- Crux Climbing Center 6-7pm
Thursday August 18th- South Austin Rock Gym 6-7pm
Monday August 29th- Crux Climbing Center 6-7pm
Wednesday August 31st- North Austin Rock Gym 6-7pm
Thursday September 1st- South Austin Rock Gym 6-7pm

Questions? Contact us via phone or email 512-775-0378 or 

Team ATX at Regional Championships

On May 14th we competed in Regional Championships at Canyons of Frisco Climbing Gym in Frisco, TX. Thanks to Canyons for hosting a great Regional Championship.  Thanks to all the staff their and a huge thanks to all the Volunteers!  Also, a big Congrats goes out to our two Regional Champions Maya Madere- 1st place Female Youth A Category, and Gretchen Myrick- 1st Place Female Youth D Category.  We had many team members that performed very well Aidan Henry-2nd place Male Youth B, Oscar BulloCk Goyer- 3rd place Male Junior, Hank Lewis- 4th place Male Youth B Category and Jack-Wayne Cooksey-5th place Male Youth B Category.. Ultimately we have 11 Team ATX Members moving onto to Divisional Championships which will take place on June 18th and 19th at inSPIRE Rock Gym in Houston.  All of the afore mentioned athletes will compete at Divisional Championships plus Lucy Metzger- 7th Place Female Youth D, Ben Zacharias-9th Place Male Youth D, Claire Sherman- 10th place Female Youth C, Sage Kramer- 11th Place Female Youth C, Liz Evans- 9th Place Female Youth A, Ella Gardner- 12th Place Female Youth A.  Congrats to all of athletes on a successful Regionals!  Speed Results are still pending...