A huge congratulations to all of the kids who competed at Regionals this weekend. Everyone climbed hard and FESed it up. Here are the results:

Ella Gardner—5th Place Female Junior
Aidan Henry—4th Place Male Junior
Kate Oliver—7th Place Female Youth A
Nico Isunza—4th Place Male Youth B
Jonah Coleman-—7th Place Male Youth D

Henry Mansson—1st Place Male Youth D
Jonah Coleman- 3rd Place Male Youth D
Aidan Henry- 2nd Place Male Junior

 The following climbers received an invite to Divisionals for Speed.

Elizabeth Gardner- Female Youth D
Nikki Ueber- Male Youth D
Tessa May- Female Youth C
Vishruti Venkat- Female Youth C
Nina Jovanovic- Female Youth C
Gavin McCann- Male Youth C
Grant McCann- Male Youth C

A huge thanks to Niki Ueber’s mom for sharing her photos of the kids. If you have some you’d like to post, send them to hokgardner (at)