Exciting things are happening on Team ATX now that we have entered the post-season portion of the bouldering season!

Regionals was an overall success for the FES squad. We had 28 kids travel to Norman, OK to compete in every age division except Female Junior. We are proud of everyone who made the trip and tried their hardest at Climb Up!

Of the 28 Team ATX competitors, 11 qualified for Divisionals, which are scheduled to take place at Crux Climbing Center here in Austin, TX on January 14th:

  • Oscar Bullock-Goyer, 10th M Junior
  • Liz Evans, 9th F Youth A
  • Aiden Henry, 7th M Youth A
  • Kate Oliver, 10th F Youth B
  • Jack Wayne Cooksey, 10th M Youth B
  • Sage Kramer, 3rd F Youth C
  • Gretchen Myrick, 6th F Youth C
  • Claire Sherman, 9th F Youth C
  • Uma Green, 4th F Youth D
  • Adoss Littleton, 8th F Youth D
  • Stanis Zarsky, 6th M Youth D

Once again, we are proud of everyone who attended and are looking forward to everyone continuing to progress as climbers and as people! See you at practice!

Nadia Henry chalking up on Female Youth B #6


Congratulations to Team ATX member Maya Madere on her excellent performance in the Climbing Youth World Championships!

Looks a lot like FES

An exemplary of the team motto FES, Maya traveled to Guangzhou, China this November to compete against the best female climbers in the world of the Youth A category. After passing the qualifying and semi-final rounds, Maya entered finals in 4th place. She would go on, in her words, to "truly [climb] to the fullest extent of [her] ability," which culminated in her bringing home the bronze medal for Team USA! We are so proud of Maya and hope she continues to influence and inspire everyone around her!