Practice Protocol

Just as in any other sport, climbing has certain traditions, etiquette and protocols that need to be taken seriously. Following these traditions and protocols will instill discipline, professionalism and respect in the athletes.

  • proper climbing attire should be worn during practice (no jeans)

  • climbing shoes, harness, and chalk bag are required equipment and need to be brought to practice everyday

  • be at practice on time to get a proper warm-up

  • while practice is in session please do not distract the coaches or climbers, we can take questions before or after practice

  • team shirt and black bottoms uniform (shorts,tights, leggings or climbing pants) are required at competitions

Code of Conduct

  • Respect one another

  • Stay focused

  • Earn your privilege to climb

  • Always use good sportsmanship

  • Be positive

  • Believe in yourself

  • Train like you want to compete

  • Have fun but work hard!

  • Do not be a distraction to your teammates or coaches

  • Keep personal items in lockers cubbies or yoga room

  • Obey all safety rules (posted in gym)

  • No foul language

  • Zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol

  • Keep track of personal climbing gear (label your equipment)

Remember our Team Motto

F.E.S. (Focus, Execute, Send)

Extra Training

Here are a few things you can do outside of practice to help you get stronger and or more proficient:

  • 20 minutes of cardio at least 3 times per week (jogging, cycling, treadmill, stationary bike etc...)

  • 100 push-ups every day

  • 100 pull-ups every day

  • 100 crunches every day

  • 100 calf raises everyday

  • practice tying the figure 8 knot every week until you know it by heart

  • Stretch and or do yoga!!! There is a Yoga Class at the South Gym on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-8pm

Things to do in the gym when you go outside of practice:

  • 4x4’s

  • Points game

  • Suicides

  • Traversing

  • Rope routes/endurance laps

  • Pyramids

  • General Climbing, onsighting, redpointing, projecting